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Wenzhou Eagle Helmets Factory in Wenzhou City, was founded in 1985 and now has 29 years of production history,
its also one of the earliest produced helmets factory in China.
Our strong technical force, accumulated many years of experience of various helmets production in home and abroad.
Now we are specialized in producing anti-riot series&bulletproof series.
Can take on various type of military&police quipment task in different areas of the world.
Also launch police riot shield\anti riot suit and police puncture roadblocks ...etc police&military series products.
Our factory is the first Ministry of Public Security police helmet designated production enterprise directory.
We are have access to 9001 quality management system certification.
Our existing production workshop 3300 square meters, employees 86 people, technical personne l 3 people.   
Wenzhou Eagle helmets factory  is a professional enterprise specialized in the research
 and product all kinds of police & military equipment production .
Our company is also an appointed manufacturer producing police helmets by public security ministry of china.
We are tested by quality supervision organization which is appointed by public security ministry of china.
 Performance indexes of all items are fully in line with above standard requirements.

    Our main products - "Feiying" helmets are produced strictly according to GB13811-1998 (national standard) and GA294, 295, and 296-2001 (standard of public security ministry).
The helmet consists of body, buffer layer, comfortable pad, wearable device, and goggles and is suitable for police motorcycle crew, anti-riot policeman and police personnel on duty.

 Eagle Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Is a professional enterprise specialized in the research and product all kinds of  POLICE & MILITARY equipment production
a. Anti-riot helmet, Anti-riot suit, Anti-riot shield, Puncture road blocks
b. Police motorcycle helmet, Police duty-performing (service) helmet,
c. Bulletproof helmet, Bullet proof vest & jacket, Bulletproof Visor,
d. Police baton, HandcuffPolice & military equipment
Tel:+86-0577-88430189 Fax:+86-0577-88438128 Email:jane@cn-eaglepolice.com
Address:NO.1487 Airport Avenue, Yaoxi Street, Long wan district, WENZHOU city, ZHEJIANG province, CHINA.
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